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    Are you in the Austin area?

    I've been trying my hand at making board bows, and I'm definitely improving.

    I'm always up for getting together with another bowyer, however!

    I'm in the S Austin area, but commuting isn't an issue of course.


    Reply from Cutumn Shootum:

    Well I'm in Frost Texas which is up the road toward Dallas from you. I have been using a truck box for a bow shop along with a garage that is crammed with tools. I have a lot of parts in the truck box so its pretty crowded but it works. I built a cabin last year and then went to Iraq. That really got me behind. I have been home about 2 months now . Waiting on the holidays to be over. I made a bow for fido dog and I'm going to ship it tuesday. I have a little place by Navarro Mills Resivoir . There are plenty of staves down there to cut. I have a big pecan limb down there right now that needs to be cut since its in the way of my road.. Im still working on my house so I just do this bow stuff in between when I can usually when it's to bad or I just dont feel like doing anything else. Ran out of boards for board bows, so I need to get a few more. Going to build some porches on my cabin pretty soon. Main cabin is done and dryed in . I have to do 2 porches. Worked on my tractor today so I can dig the piers. I always invite folks to my shop in case they never built a bow. It aint that much but I have a table saw ,band saw also a jointer that has never been taken out of the box and a 4 foot sander , knife grinder. I even have a plainer I never used too.Got to get my house finished so I can move all this stuff to the cabin. Im going to build a larger shop down there so I can have more room and be in the woods. I think next week end Im going to be building porches but we can get togather if ya want when it starts warming up build some bows cut some staves or what ever.I have hogs and deer on my place from time to time .I need to put some feeders up and plant some patches for the deer.